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Staff Directory


Photo of Eric Bouchard

Eric Bouchard


Photo of Becky Koss

Becky Koss

Assistant Principal / Grade 1


Photo of Morina Lawson

Mrs. Morina Lawson

Grade 2

Photo of Michelle Beauchamp

Mme Michelle Beauchamp


Photo of AnneMarie MacDonald

Mrs. AnneMarie MacDonald

Grade 3

Photo of Camelia Bejenaru

Mme Camelia Bejenaru

2e/3e année

Photo of Shelly Irwin

Mrs. Shelly Irwin

Grade 4

Photo of John Auger

M. John Auger

3/4e année

Photo of Heidi Kongsrud

Ms. Heidi Kongsrud

Grade 6

Photo of Josée Ruel

Mme Josée Ruel

1e année

Photo of Ashley Korogonas

Mme Ashley Korogonas

5/6e année

Photo of Cristin Murphy

Mrs. Cristin Murphy


Photo of Jodi Campbell

Mrs. Jodi Campbell


placeholder image for Reg Currie

Reg Currie

Grade 5

Educational Assistants

Photo of Tricia Pearson

Tricia Pearson

Photo of Christina Petluk

Christina Petluk

Photo of Angelika Zaniol

Angelika Zaniol

Photo of Jody Anderson

Jody Anderson

Library Assistant

Photo of Elysia Leochko

Elysia Leochko

Photo of Elsie Acorn

Elsie Acorn

Photo of Julie Wilson

Julie Wilson

Support Staff

placeholder image for Vanessa Martin

Vanessa Martin

Photo of Laurisa Orich

Laurisa Orich

Roots & Wings Junior Kindergarten Director

Photo of Inga Natzke

Inga Natzke

Student Services

Photo of Carla Gallop

Carla Gallop

Phone: 780-852-2100

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Karen Huculak

Karen Huculak


Phone: 780-852-4447