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Three Cheers to our Volunteers!

Volunteers in our school play a very important role and help define Jasper Elementary School. Not only does your help and presence help JES offer the best programs and activities for students, but the example that you set for our children is invaluable. This year our volunteers have been selflessly committing to a multitude of activities such as: helping teachers with projects in the classroom, tying skates and buckling ski boots, reading with children, holding book fairs, helping to supervise and driving the bus on field trips, baking and making treats for our snack sales, sharing their talents and experiences, organizing fundraisers, sitting on committees, and attending school council and CPF meetings.Volunteers are an essential resource in our school and help make it the fantastic place it is. The contributions you make and skills and experiences you share enrich the lives of our students.We wish to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to each one of our amazing JES volunteers! #cheerstovolunteers